Monday, May 31, 2010


Medical Service Minister Anyang’ Nyong’o says the ‘Yes’ team will use rallies to gauge MPs’ commitment to the passage of the Proposed Constitution.

Prof Nyong’o said MPs who will skip their rallies would be judged as being indecisive on the document.

"There are speculations of some MPs taking a Yes-No-Yes stand on the Proposed Constitution and we want the masses to help us root out such saboteurs from the ‘Yes’ camp," he said.

Nyong’o explained: "’Yes’ secretariat has organised rallies and assigned MPs in the camp duties in different meetings. Those who will not attend will be declared saboteurs because their names will be called out."

The minister was speaking at Nyawanga Primary School in his Kisumu Rural constituency during an Education Day meeting presided over by Education Assistant Minister Ayiecho Olweny at the weekend.

The ‘Yes’ secretariat led by Nyong’o and his co-chairman Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi issued a stern warning to MPs who were not committed to campaigns to push for the passage of the document. This was after The Standard revealed how some MPs campaigned in favour of the document during the day and retreated to the ‘No’ camp at night.

Meanwhile, Gender minister Esther Murugi and Planning Assistant Minister Peter Kenneth have said the Proposed Constitution recognises women’s role in decision-making in government.

Speaking separately, the ministers argued that women would play a leading role in national development as spelt out in the proposed laws.

"The Proposed Constitution reserves a third of electoral positions to women, hence they will have the opportunity to contribute towards the development of the country," Ms Murugi said at Maseno University during a symposium on climate change. She termed the document as good and added: "Women are willing and I am confident that we can do a better job."

be empowered

And speaking in Kisumu during a funds drive in aid of women groups in Kisumu, Mr Kenneth said women represent 53 per cent of the population and, therefore, need to be empowered and the draft is the tool to do this.

The MP for Gatanga also argued that those in the ‘Yes’ camp are up to something good as opposed to the ‘No’ camp.

"Those proposing the passing of the draft are heading towards a certain direction, but this is not the case with those opposing it," he said.

Elsewhere, Higher Education Assistant Minister Kilemi Mwiria has pleaded with the Church and politicians against the Proposed Constitution to rethink their stand and embrace it. Dr Mwiria took a swipe at his boss in the Ministry, William Ruto, and politicians opposed to the document, saying they have been a stumbling block to reforms since 1992.

"Some of those opposing the Proposed Constitution have frustrated efforts to bring about reforms since 1992," said the Tigania West MP.

He also urged Church leaders to let their flock decide independently on whether to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

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