Sunday, May 30, 2010


Higher education minister William Ruto has challenged leaders saying YES to the proposed constitution to say so as a matter of principle and not for fear of victimization.

The chief NO proponent asked residents of Matunda in his Eldoret North constituency to reject the proposed constitution in the forthcoming referendum claiming it perpetuates inequality and promotes religious animosity.

This comes after widespread claims that some members of parliament in the YES camp including some cabinet ministers are only saying YES only for the sake of pleasing their lieutenants whereas they are in the NO camp.

Ruto said there comes a time when leaders must think critically before making decisions based on waves.

The Eldoret North legislator asked Matunda residents in his constituency to reject the proposed constitution claiming it perpetuates religious discrimination.

Ruto warned that lack of workable land policies in the proposed law could be a time bomb in the waiting if the new law passes.

Ruto said his team will not waver in its quest for justice and equality for all Kenyans and the only way to do this is to vote NO to the proposed constitution.

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