Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rhumba La Siasa: CORD wazozania uteuzi wa wagombeaji katika uchaguzi mku...

Rhumba La Siasa: CORD wazozania uteuzi wa wagombeaji katika uchaguzi mku...

Churchill Show Sn4 Ep6: Kings and Queens Edition

Former President Kibaki attends church service at Consolata Shrine in Na...

Raila: Government must stick to deadlines of IEBC exit

Raila: Government must stick to deadlines of IEBC exit

CS Rotich: I have not received proposed exit package from IEBC

Game Plan 2017: Negotiated democracy

Happy New day

Have a wonderful day.

Obama's Lipala dance - Min 2:58

George W. Bush taps Obama for photo assist - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)

Michelle Obama embraces George W Bush at the opening of the Smithsonian ...

Michelle Obama gives George W. Bush a hug | Smithsonian National Museum ...

A Report Form For Uhuru and Raila 300 days to Elections

KTN Prime: CORD leader welcomes Funyula MP Paul Otuoma back into the ODM...

Museum of African American History Opening

Saturday, September 24, 2016

East African Musicians Must Watch This

Chipukeezy Tv Episode 1

KTN News Live Stream (Nairobi, Kenya)

Jeff Koinange Live: COTU Secretary General-Francis Atwoli, 21st Septembe...

Diamond Platnumz ft Rayvanny Salome ( Traditional Official Music video)

President Obama Speaks at the Opening for the Museum of African American...

AM Live: Boni Khalwale - Does the 'kula nyama' methali run in the Kenyat...

Eugene Wamalwa calls on Luhyas to support his Gubernatorial bid

Speaker Muturi says formation of new IEBC commissioners will take time

SokoMoko: Niseme Nisiseme??!

Budalang’i MP rebrands Labour Party of Kenya

Raila says CORD coalition will remain united

CORD affiliate Parties’ negotiations on joing Primaries

Bull’s Eye: Jubilee premature babies

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

President Obama and President Buhari

Sources: Bush 41 says he will vote for Clinton

President Obama Attends a Luncheon

Political public relations; leaders trying to connect with the masses

Nomination headache in party strongholds as political leaders clash

Raila Odinga making a four day tour of the coast region

N. Rift leaders oppose appointment of new Moi University VC

Opposition leaders want CORD registered as a party

Martin Ngatia Speaks on Ababu Namwamba's. Koigi Wamwere, Aging Moi and A...

The Big Question: Taming political parties defections

Senator Hassan Omar in TROUBLE over FALSE Allegations AGAINST Governor Joho

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kinyanjui's Perspective: Who is eating meat and who is salivating?

Rosemary Odinga SPEECH in Wajir, joined Governor Joho in a tour of NFD

Cord in popularity contest in Nairobi

Jubilee battle for meat: Mbarire, kivuti in near fist fight

Uhuru eats meat with Sakaja, Sonko during impromptu city tour

Kalonzo: Don't be suprised if we agree on registering CORD as a politic...

DP Ruto wraps developed nations over the refugee crisis

Construction of SGR through National Park stopped

Kalonzo Musyoka says he will run for president

Senator Kivuti and MP Mbarire in near fist-fight at harambee

President tours popular Kenyatta market nyama choma den

Rising visibility of Governor Joho ignites running mate talk

Rising visibility of Governor Joho ignites running mate talk

Johnson Sakaja tries his hand in rap battle

Uhuru Kenyatta Does Not deserve a Second Term: Vote Uhuru Out in 2017

Uhuru Kenyatta Does Not deserve a Second Term: Vote Uhuru Out in 2017

ICC Consequences

Paul Ryan's plan to fix the economy

Paul Ryan's plan to fix the economy

Sonko Dishes Out Money in Mathare

SONU's Babu Owino FULL 'TIBIIM' SPEECH' at Mathare, Nairobi - Gov Joho R...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Churchill Show S06 Ep06

Jubilee leaders hold parallel rally at Mlango Kubwa grounds

ODM holds rally in Nairobi to drum up support for Odinga

ODM leaders accuse Jubilee of massive corruption

Jubilee leaders say they will continue eating ‘meat’

A pick-up burnt after ODM, Jubilee rallies conclude

POLITICS AND POWER: Joho said to be positioning himself for 2022 Preside...

Should artists, politicians sit at the same table?

Game Plan 2017: CORD, Jubilee politics

PART II of Governor Joho FULL SPEECH at Mathare, Nairobi Rally.

Governor Joho ROCKS Eastleigh, Total Love from Somali Community

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush Discuss Support For US Troops, Veterans | NBC...

CORD is Dead: Did Raila Kill It?

Sokomoko: Kumeza mate sio kukula nyama!

Jubilee, ODM leaders differ over remarks at Ntimama’s burial

Jubilee and ODM resolve stalemate over venue of their Sunday rallies

Opposition leaders slam President Kenyatta over his remarks

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Governor Joho SURPRISE VISIT at Orange House, to MOBILIZE Nairobi for Raila

Odosh Jasuba | Millicento Part 3

Odosh Jasuba | Millicento Part 2

Odosh Jasuba | Wendo

Sen. John Munyes maintains he is still the chairman of FORD KENYA, even ...

Section of Jubilee leaders accuse ODM leader Raila Odinga of plotting to...

First Lady Michelle Obama speech on the campaign trail for Hillary in V...

Musa Jakadala | Nyar Siaya

Musa Jakadala | Omondi Wuod Bondo

JAP’s interim officials to run affairs of new party

FlipSide: Endeleeni kumeza mate, nyama tutakula!!

Jubilee, ODM plan parallel rallies in Mathare, Nairobi

Ruto to lead Kenyan delegation to UNGA, New York

Waiguru blessed to go for gubernatorial seat

CORD leader says he sticks to his words on the TJRC

Jubilee answers Raila, leaders say CORD principal misleading the public

Bullseye: The more, the merrier

Sunday, September 11, 2016

ODM biggest casualty following mass defections to Jubilee

Charles Nyachae is DREAMING, Kisii is ODM STRONGHOLD- Governor Ongwae says

Wetangula says race for CORD's presidential candidate has just began

Kidero super speech at ODM 10 @10 that has shaken statehouse

Ukambani MPs who defected campaign for president

Governor Joho Full speech at ODM10@10 in Mombasa

Game Plan 2017: Jubilee and CORD politics

ODM leaders, supporters celebrate birthday in style

Defectors refuse to formally notify parliament

Kenneth Marende upbeat he’ll edge out Gov.Kidero

Police thwart terror attack at Mombasa Police Station

Churchill Show S06 Ep 05

Ford-K leaders accuse Raila for favouring ODM candidates in his ongoing ...

MCA Tricky Facebook Encounters

Jubilee DELEGATES STRANDED in Nairobi, not PAID allowances Promised

Wagombezi wa ugavana wa Nairobi Eugene Wamalwa na Kenneth Marende wajipi...

Gari la Mbunge wa Nyakach Aduma Owuor lachomwa

Clinton says she is feeling "great"

Clinton says she is feeling "great"

Hatua ya Bahati kukalia kiti cha rais yaibua hisia mseto

Wanasiasa waliohamia Jubilee watakiwa wajiuzulu

Johnson: "I'm sorry" for Aleppo gaffe

Onyango jasuba - Adhis Nyakoyugi ( HQ Audio)

Pomp and colour mark ODM 10th anniversary fete in Mombasa

ODM 10th anniversary marked in style to the delight of members

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mombasa to be GHOST town as Uhuru Moves Port to Naivasha -says Governor ...

Raila: Jubilee are thieves, they can not bring any development even if t...

Wanasiasa 40 wa ODM waingia Jubilee

Chama cha ODM chasherehekea miaka 10 tangu kuzinduliwa kwake, Mombasa

President Kenyatta, DP Ruto get down to Jaguar's "Kigeugeu"


Mahanjam, muziki zanoga kwenye hafla ya uzinduzi wa chama cha Jubilee, K...

Raila Odinga's speech on ODM 10th anniversary

Power outage interrupts Raila's speech in Mombasa

Obama honors victims of 9/11 attacks

Governor Joho's speech at ODM's 10th anniversary

Mama Idda Odinga's speech during ODM 10th Anniversary

#ODM10at10Mombasa: It's a show of political force as ODM paints Coast or...

UhuRuto arrive at Kasarani for Jubilee party launch

Uhuru 'vacates' chair for Bahati

Letter To JAP, Blind Copy To Raila

Young Ryan moves crowd at Jubilee Party launch, Kasarani

Amason Kingi tores Jubilee apart

Mishi Mboko reassures Raila Odinga of Coast region's solid support

Bangladesh factory fire kills 23, more than 24 injured

Bangladesh factory fire kills 23, more than 24 injured

Uhuru Kenyatta's speech at Jubilee Party Launch

Here's how Joe Biden could be president

Here’s What Happens If the Electoral College Ties
Correction appended, Sept. 8, 2016
President Hillary Clinton? President Donald Trump? The choice might not be so simple. There is still a path—albeit an implausible and narrow one—for an alternative.
If Clinton and Trump were to tie in the Electoral College and deadlock in the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate would then choose between Vice Presidential nominees Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.
Here’s how this unlikely—but still possible—constitutional scenario would play out. Based on an 11-state battleground, 270 to Wincalculated 32 possible ties, though not all are plausible. (It’s pretty unlikely that Clinton would win North Carolina while losing Virginia, for example.)
That figure goes up to 126 possibilities if you include the fact that Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by congressional district, unlike the rest of the states, and that each party could plausibly pick off one electoral vote in an otherwise reliably partisan state.
The number of mathematically possible ties varies depending on which states you consider to be tossups. Using RealClearPolitics’ list of 12 battleground states–including just one electoral vote from Maine—there are only 26 possible ties, according to TIME’s calculations. (It may seem strange that the number goes down with more battleground states, but such is the caprice of electoral math.)
The more likely scenario here is that a third-party candidate like Libertarian Gary Johnson or Never Trump Republican Evan McMullin wins a state like Utah and that, while Clinton and Trump don’t tie, they’re so close that neither win the majority of 270 electoral votes required, which would also throw the election to the House. According to TIME’s calculations, if Utah were to go to a third-party candidate, there are 141 cases where no candidate gets a majority, using the same set of 12 battleground states from RealClearPolitics.
Indeed, history tells us such unlikely situationshave already happened. First in 1800 when the House chose Thomas Jefferson over his running mate Aaron Burr—back in the day the party put forth two choices for president (with four candidates overall) and designated their first and second choices. Jefferson, the Republican’s first choice, and Burr, the party’s second choice, both garnered 73 electoral votes (it should be noted that Jeffersonian Republicans were not the same party as the GOP today, which traces its roots to Abraham Lincoln). The House decided for Jefferson but the situation was so awkward that they quickly moved to hold a separate vote to pick the vice president—that vote eventually became the Senate’s responsibility.
The second time was in 1824. It wasn’t a tie but a four-way split failed to yield the required majority so the vote went to the House. Although Andrew Jackson had won the popular vote in that election, the House picked John Quincy Adams as president. Jackson went on to win the 1828 and 1832 elections outright.
If Clinton and Trump tied, or if no one reached the magic 270, the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives, where each state delegation gets one vote. Here’s where things get interesting. Currently, Republicans control 33 state delegations in the House; Democrats control 14; three —New Hampshire, Maine and New Jersey—are tied. But it would be the new Congress sworn in on January 3, 2017, that would break the tie.
All three tied states have swing seats in play in the election. In addition, another three states where Republicans hold narrow majorities in the delegations also have swing seats in play: Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. If the election swings Democratic down ballot, all six of those states could go to Democrats which would mean Democrats would control 20 states to the Republican’s 30.
That would still seem to indicate a Trump presidency, no? Here’s the rub: 11 states controlled by Republicans in the House are also swing states on the presidential level. So, what happens if Clinton won the popular vote in those states? Would those members feel obliged to vote the way their states voted or vote with their party? Trump, after all, isn’t terribly popular within his own party. Some Republicans might be tempted to vote with their voters. If at least half of those states did, the House would end up with a 25-25 deadlock.
What happens in the case of a second presidential tie? According to the 12th Amendment, “if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President.” That was later changed to the Vice President-Elect and to January 20 in the 20th Amendment.
The Vice President-Elect is chosen by the Senate in a separate process from the House, according to Amy Bunk, an attorney from the National Archives, which administers the Electoral College. If the Senate, as predicted by most observers right now, goes Democratic, then Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine would become president. If Republicans maintain control of the Upper Chamber, then Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be the 45th president. If the Senate also deadlocks—the unlikeliest of unlikely scenarios—then the presidency would go to the next person in line, the Speaker of the House, currently Paul Ryan.
Again, all of this is extremely unlikely, but in this topsy-turvy year, never say never.
Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly suggested that an Electoral College tie followed by a tie in the House of Representatives could place current Vice President Joe Biden in the presidency. The story has been updated with additional reporting, including analysis from Amy Bunk, the lawyer who advises the Electoral College.

My Speech at the Jubilee Party Convention

#ODM10at10Mombasa: It's a show of political force as ODM paints Coast or...

Sonko loses his cool, pushes jubilant crowd from his vehicle in Kasarani


DP Ruto HECKLED by Jubilee delegates DEMANDING for MONEY, FORCED to use ...

MIKE SONKO Big HARVEST as Nairobi Jubilee Delegates ENDORSE Him

Jubilee Party is unveiled at colorful ceremony in Kasarani

MIKE Sonko BRANDS ALL his CARS with Jubilee Colours, a die hard JP Member

Jubilee delegates decry over unpaid allowances

ODM activities heighten in Mombasa ahead of 10 year celebration

Man claiming to be the late Ntimama's son tries to block his burial

#TTTT: Something about Kales and this brown leather jacket swag

President Obama Reflects on His Historic Visit in Laos



Raila SPEECH at ODM10@10 CAKE CUTTING IN Mombasa

PANDEMONIUM in Mombasa as Raila ARRIVES for ODM1O@10