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News: KTN Leo 30.12.2012

Anger over Nyamira school head transfer

News: Mwanajeshi amuua mkewe


UDF, TNA and URP talks at registrar fail to end dispute

CJ swears in one more tribunal member

Kibaki Legacy


Tuko Tayari Twende Kazi

Wiper Office Burglarized

Wiper Office Burglarized

2 Killed In Fresh Robbery In Dandora

270 Families Left Homeless After Landslides In West Pokot

The Campaign Trail

News : Groove party preparations

News : Little time to resolve nomination disputes for Tribunal

Parties Given 10 Days To Resolve Nomination Disputes

Politicians Step Up Campaigns As Year Ends

Caravan route

Caravan route
Kombani. Diani. Msambweni. Ramisi. Perani. Lungalunga. Mwena. Mwangulu. Mamba. Kikoneni back to. Mombasa is Corde
Caravan route
Kombani. Diani. Msambweni. Ramisi. Perani. Lungalunga. Mwena. Mwangulu. Mamba. Kikoneni back to. Mombasa is Corde
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TNA aspirants hit at Jubilee free ticket claims

Embakasi East ODM Parliamentary seat aspirant John Omondi addresses supporters at Donholm Estate, Nairobi yesterday where Cord Alliance aspirants met ahead of the party’s nomination on January 10. PHOTO: JAMES KAESA
They were protesting reports that URP will be handed seats in Langata and Dagoretti
The National Alliance (TNA) aspirants in Dagoretti North and Lang’ata Constituencies yesterday protested against claims the Jubilee alliance had agreed to allocate the two seats to the United Republican Party (URP) . The aspirants cited a media report on 23 and 27 this month that TNA had agreed to hand over the seats to the URP without holding joint nominations. Speaking in Karen, the more than 20 aspirants called on the party’s top organ to hold joint nominations in the constituencies to ensure the coalition’s victory. The aspirants said each party should be allowed to do its own nomination and then two nominated aspirants should contest for the Jubilee nomination. Public Health minister Beth Mugo had to move in to assure the protesting aspirants that the two leaders in the coalition were in support of joint nominations. “You all know that the Jubilee coalition has declared that the nominations will be free and fair to avoid any fallout, we are well prepared to ensure we form the next Government,” she said. “Our common goal is to clinch all seats in Lang’ata and Dagoretti North for parliamentary and county representatives and considering the challenge ahead, we registered more voters than our competing parties,” said Douglas Kithyaka an aspirant for the Langa’ta parliamentary seat. Kibathi Thuo who is also aspiring for the Lang’ata seat said they had spent a lot of resources in registering and mobilising their supporters which would greatly affect them if the posts are surrendered to the URP side. Meanwhile former assistant minister Dick Wathika have asked TNA leadership to ensure the forthcoming nominations will be free and fair. Wathika said the party needs to stem growing anxiety among members over the party’s ability to hold credible nominations. “We have been waiting for the party officials to tell us how they intend to carry out the nominations but they have been quiet,” Wathika said when he sensitised women leaders in Nyeri on the need to mobilise their communities to elect good leaders. The politician, who has shifted his political base from Makadara in Nairobi to Mukurweini said as far as the party membership is concerned, the only candidate with a ticket from the party was their presidential candidate Uhuru Kenyatta.

Journey to 2013 general election likened to boarding a matatu in Kenya

CrazyMonday: Journey to 2013 general election likened to boarding a matatu in Kenya

Aboard Kenya’s 2013 election matatu

By Ted Malanda
It is dawn, the air fresh and chilly. The country stirs awake as gangsters lie in wait for the early bird and matatus hit the roads.
They come in all shapes and sizes — stereos blaring, full lights beaming, faulty mechanical parts rattling and horns honking madly, like Armageddon is afoot, which is probably right.
Sleepy eyed passengers stand by the roadside. They too, come in all shapes and sizes. The smart office worker in an executive suit, for which the office hawker is still demanding payment; mama mboga with her dirty sacks of merchandise, the barmaid with her cache of money looted from drunken and drugged patrons, the beggars and pickpockets hurrying to their stations — everyone.
They all have one hope: To catch the earliest matatu, one that will take them to their destination quickest and safest. They are itching to build the nation — in different ways.
The matatus announce their arrival from a mile off, each in its own unique and special way.
They are colourful to a fault and noisy. Cord, Jubilee, Pambazuka — you name it. They all claim to be the coolest, the safest, and the fastest.
Passengers, long resigned to the shenanigans of public transport — the lies, the violence, the insults, the foul manners — are not fooled. But what to do? 
The rotting mechanical pieces of junk pull up, not at the station for order is not and has never been their forte. They stop anywhere — even slap in the middle of the road.
Foul manners
And then the circus begins. Touts, their zippers open, their mouths agape to spray yesterday’s fish, stale beer and cigarettes and foul manners on distinguished and not so distinguished citizens, run, hop, bang, scream.
They harangue, plead, lie, cajole and even forcefully frog match the meek into their decrepit pieces of junk. 

“This is the fastest, mine the safest, ours is the coolest, this one won’t stop anywhere, our fares are the cheapest, our driver is the best...” the lies fly fast and furious.
Meanwhile, the driver in question is nonchalantly puffing away at a cigarette, which is against the law. He has never owned a driving license, which is criminal. And you wouldn’t know it by looking at him but he knocked down a police officer last week, slapped a female passenger yesterday and is an accomplice in several crimes.
A section of the police are looking for him — the section he hasn’t bribed, yet.
What you would, however, never guess is that he has no intention of driving you to your destination.
He is only part of the coalition meant to taste the waters, muddy them a bit, make a quick buck and exit at the next stage for yet another lout of a driver.
In any case, three kilometres from your destination, the new driver pulls up and, without consulting the passengers, says, “Hii ndio mwisho wa gari! watu wa 2013 washuke! (end of jouney! Alight, everyone!)”
And so you get sold to another mbus, and another driver, without knowing whether your fare has been paid up or whether the new scoundrel will get you safely to your destination or sell you once more.
If his touts don’t kill you.

Kalonzo's message

Kitui County; I wish to greet all Kenyans wherever they are and wish all of you God’s Blessings, happiness and prosperity during 2013. This is the year that holds great promise for our Country as we approach the 4th march watershed election. I urge Kenyans to put their trust in the CORD team and vote overwhelmingly for the meaningful change we have been longing for. Victory for CORD is Victory for Kenya and amounts to placing Kenya FIRST; Kenya MBELE and all other ambitions second

Kitui County; I wish to greet all Kenyans wherever they are and wish all of you God’s Blessings, happiness and prosperity during 2013. This is the year that holds great promise for our Country as we approach the 4th march watershed election. I urge Kenyans to put their trust in the CORD team and vote overwhelmingly for the meaningful change we have been longing for. Victory for CORD is Victory for Kenya and amounts to placing Kenya FIRST; Kenya MBELE and all other ambitions second


Uhuru's New Year Message

Kenya's Most Expensive Cars.. Plus List of Their Owners

Martha Karua, Maina Kageni, Bob Collymore are some of the Kenyans who own the most expensive vehicles on our roads.

BMW is the fastest selling new luxury saloon car in Kenya after replacing rival Mercedes Benz. Data from the Kenya Motor Industry Association show that sales of the luxury cars fell to 53 units in the three months to March compared to 60 units the previous year. This came as DT Dobie, the Mercedes dealer, sold 11 units of the cars, down from 37 units and lost market leadership for the first time.
A survey done by the Star shows that there is a class of young Kenyans with very expensive machines. The one that beats them all is the BMW 760Li sold by Bavaria Motors on Mombasa Road in Nairobi for Sh36 million. For security reasons, the marketing team would not reveal who their first customer was.
The kind of cars on the road is evident that not only are motorists going for convenience, but also for safety, beauty and class. The 760Li boasts of a V12 6.0 litre engine making 535 horsepower, running through an 8-speed automatic transmission. All 7-Series models come with a brake energy regeneration system that helps save energy by managing the alternator to charge more when coasting or braking.

The 7-Series has a host of electronics that not only help increase safety and stability but help the 7-Series drive like a smaller sedan. BMW has other models like the X5 which is retailing from Sh16 million and BMW X6 for over Sh13 million. 
Maina Kageni of Radio Africa Group and Wachira Waruru, CEO Royal Media Services, are owners of this classy X6. Other top BMW cars include BMW 5 series and BMW 3 series priced between Sh9.5 million and Sh20 million depending on the specifications and model. Imported M5s and M3s are already in the Kenyan market.
DT Dobie’s Mercedes S600 class is one of the most expensive luxury cars, retailing at Sh25 million. Mathira MP Ephraim Maina owns one. The car has 5.5L V12 Twin-turbo 5-speed Automatic fully loaded. 
Another expensive model is the CLS 500 which is going for Sh18 Million. Over eight units have been sold so far in the country. The twin-turbo 4.7-litre V8 powers the CLS 500 with 300kW and 600Nm of mumbo fed to the rear wheels via a 7-speed automatic.
Official fuel consumption is 9.9 litres/100km but around town that lube-smooth engine will use 14.7 litres to cover the same distance, even with the engine stop/start function. 
The car comes with sensors sound, an audible warning if you approach the car in front too quickly, and the brakes will engage themselves to maintain a safe distance with the adaptive cruise control on.
CMC, sellers of Range Rovers and Jaguars, have something on offer too. Their expensive models include the Jaguar couple models for Sh21 million while the other Jaguar sedans are ranging from Sh15 million to Sh18 million depending on the specifications and the model. 
Available models include the XF in two forms; the less timid XF Potfolio (3.0LV6 TDI,5.0L V8) and the more rabid maniac, the XFR, a stunning 5.0L V8 supercharged monster, churning out 510bhp of raw ‘cat power’, dashing off the line to 100kph in a staggering 4.9 seconds.
Also at CMC is the Range Rover Vogue 2012 TDV8 which comes with a 4.4-litre V8 bi-turbo-diesel and 8-speed sequential automatic; 2-speed transfer case and constant 4WD. Over 20 units have been sold for Sh20 million. These cars are very popular with politicians. Range Rover Evoque is the baby going for over Sh10 million and a very fast seller.
Another popular car during this campaign season is the Toyota Land Cruiser VX VDJ 200 series. The car sells for Sh16 million at Toyota Kenya. This is one car known for its offroad capabilities with luxury at the same time. Among the customers who own this car include politicians like Martha Karua, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi.
In the corporate world, Radio Africa Group chairman Kiprono Kittony and Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore driving this classy car. It comes with a 4.4-litrer V8 engine.
Other prestigious models available include the Toyota Land Cruiser Lexus LX570 only available at Valley Road Motors. The car is selling at Sh18 Million and has been spotted on Kenyan roads being driven by Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Evans Kidero and Juja MP William Kabogo.
The Lexus LX 570 is powered by the same 5.7-litre, DOHC 32 valve V8 VVT-i engine that does duty on the Land Cruiser and carries the same state of tune with an output of 362bhp at 5600rpm and 530Nm of torque at 3200rpm. The V8 provides enough thrust to move this 3.3 tonne behemoth with 6-speed automatic with paddle shifts.
Other expensive cars on the Kenyan roads include the Cadillac Escalade owned by footballer Macdonald Mariga, Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Continental GT and Rolls Royce Phantom.
the STAR 

Taken from the daily nation in February 2009

Agriculture minister William Ruto wants the secret envelope containing names of the post-election violence suspects handed over to the International Criminal Court at The Hague without further delay.

Mr Ruto says the two-month period given by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan to Kenya to make a new attempt at setting up a local tribunal to try the suspects was unnecessary.

“Kofi Annan should hand over the envelope that contains names of suspects to the International Criminal Court at The Hague so that proper investigations can start,” Mr Ruto said. “Mr Annan should allow us to move forward. We cannot just get stuck in one place addressing the same thing.”

Mr Ruto’s latest stand contradicts the position of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, leader of his ODM party, who prefers a local tribunal.

A government motion to set up a special local tribunal was defeated in Parliament earlier this month, raising the possibility that suspects whose names were given to Mr Annan in a sealed envelope by the Waki Commssion could be taken to The Hague for trial.

World to welcome in New Year with a bang

Sydney will Monday kick off a wave of dazzling firework displays welcoming in 2013 from Dubai to Paris and London, with long-isolated Yangon joining the global pyrotechnics for the first time.
Australia’s famous harbour city will usher in the New Year with a Aus$6.6 (US$6.9) million display curated by pop icon Kylie Minogue who designed the colour scheme and soundtrack.
“Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are world-famous and reach over a billion people — not just because we have the first major display for 2013, but because it’s the best,” said the city’s lord mayor Clover Moore.
City officials are expecting more than 1.5 million people to crowd the waterfront to watch the seven tonnes of fireworks go up, including crackers launched from jet-skis and a show-stopping finale on the Harbour Bridge.
This year sees an interactive twist with smartphone users able to download an app which will colour their screens. Held aloft, en masse, the devices will create their own show along the shore.
Major fireworks will light up the Thames in London, Moscow’s Red Square and Kremlin, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, as well as central Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Stockholm, Amsterdam and cities across China.
Revellers in New York will celebrate the stroke of midnight with the traditional New Year’s Eve ball drop over Times Square.
In Rio de Janeiro, authorities have promised a bumper 16-minute, 24-tonne display opposite Copacabana Beach and fireworks will cap a mammoth party at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate featuring the Pet Shop Boys, Bonnie Tyler and Blue.
Vying to become a permanent fixture on the planetary map of New Year celebrations, the Gulf city state of Dubai is planning a lavish gala at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.
Fireworks will engulf the spike-like tower, accompanied by a soundtrack performed live by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Some 50,000 people are also expected to flock to the revered golden Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon for the Myanmar capital’s first public countdown with fireworks, seen as further evidence of opening up after decades of junta rule.
Organisers had to campaign for months to get permission for the event from the military regime, which has embarked on dramatic reforms since President Thein Sein took office last year.
Hundreds of political prisoners have been released and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi was elected to parliament after almost two decades of house arrest.
In regions devastated by Typhoon Bopha which hit the southern Philippines in early December killing at least 1,067 people, many survivors said food, work and permanent shelter topped their priorities for the New Year.
Authorities in the capital Manila are bracing for the annual rush of injuries as families celebrate with do-it-yourself firework displays and shoot celebratory bullets into the air. Hospitals were put on high alert.
Some 171 Filipinos have already been wounded since the Christmas weekend including one poisoned after eating a firework.
Seoul will usher in 2013 with a ritual ringing of the city’s 15th-century bronze bell 33 times, reflecting the ancient practice of marking a new year.
Elsewhere in the South Korean capital, including the glitzy Gangnam district made famous by YouTube sensation Psy, there will be fireworks, concerts and street parties. Psy himself will be performing in New York.
Millions of well-wishers will visit temples and shrines in Japan for “ninen-mairi” two-year prayers and gather at family homes to feast on soba noodles and watch the New Year variety show “Kohaku Uta Gassen” or the Red and White Song Contest.
Up to 40 percent of Japan’s TV audience watch the four-hour programme, which features established acts and J-Pop stars.
Popular South Korean performers were left out of this year’s line-up amid territorial frictions with Seoul, though taxpayer-funded broadcaster NHK insisted politics had played no part in the selection of performers.

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What should Kim and Kanye name their baby?

Once upon a time, a voluptuous beautiful young twenty-something named Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with a former boyfriend, which shot her to eternal reality fame. Sadly, her co-star in the amateur production was not her prince charming, nor was the handsome basketball player Kris Humphries – her husband of only 72 days. The search for prince charming continued, and then came her pal Kanye West, the rapper known for stealing Taylor Swift’s MTV moment…and now, he will be forever remembered as the baby daddy of Kim Kardashian.
Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first child.
So readers, in this momentous historic reality moment, pitch in, and suggest some baby names for the expecting couple.


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Kenyans End of Year Black Tie Ball Dinner and Dance took place in a Allesley Hotel, Coventry, UK on Saturday 29th December, 2012. The high profile ceremony was well organised and it was worthy the value for the money for those who attended. The ceremony was characterised by jokes, presentations, dance, eating, men and ladies catwalk as well as awards presentation which went up to 3.00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Over 100 guests attended the ceremony and the guests themselves presented a catwalk.  It was a fantastic occasion for all in the heart of City of Coventry. More photos and information later. - Photos by George Kinyatti and Joseph Njiiri
A guest Mrs. Rubby Rubia (left) catwalking at the ceremony before everyone joined the dancing floor
Several guests were presented with awards for their silent work in the community. Among those who were presented with an award was Pastor Jane Njiiri (left) because of her Word of Encouragement in the Word of Today section on website. On right a guest from Northampton Mr. Gachuka took the floor to represent men on the catwalk.

Bwana Daudi Arap Kimaiyo: Nawe Utayapindua Mawe Mangapi?

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Sote tunakupongeza kwa dhati baada ya kuchaguliwa na kamati husika kuwa Mkuu Mpya wa Vikosi Vyote vya Jeshi La Polisi nchini mwetu, kama ilivyoratibiwa na Katiba yetu. Bila shaka unayafahamu majukumu yaliyo mbele yako hasa yanayohusu usalama wa wananchi na nchi, utendaji wa mageuzi makubwa katika jeshi la polisi ambalo tangu jadi, limepoteza na kukosa ladha na imani kutoka kwa wananchi wenyewe. Huduma wanazozipata wananchi wanapofika vituo vya polisi kutafuta usaidizi ni hafifu na duni.

Uzinduzi wa Mkuu wa Polisi ulianza lini na walikusudiwa kufanya yapi? Kwa kifupi, Mkuu wa Polisi ilianzishwa na serikali ya wabeberu, ikiongozwa na Malkia Elizabethi wa Pili, katika karne ya kumi na tisa ili kuwanyanyasa na kuwakandamiza Waafrika baada ya kunyakua makazi yao na kuwaweka vijijini. Diposa unapowataja Wakuu hawa wa Polisi nyakati hizo za ukoloni, babu na nyanya wanashikwa na hamasa na kigugumizi cha ajabu. Mtaje tu Brig.Gen F.S. Edward (1908-1922), F.D Thysen (1922-1925), R.C.A Cavendish (1931-1941), Kingsley-heath (1941-1943), Sandwich (1942-1947), na wengineo kama;Rorke (1950-1951); D.D.M Mcgoun (1951-1954); na aliyemkabidhi Bw Bernard Hinga, Mwafrika wa kwanza kuwa Mkuu wa Polisi nchini Kenya, Sir R. C Cutling (1955-1964).

Ni Wakuu hao wa polisi waliosababisha vifo na vitendo vingi vya jinai kwa Wakenya waliokuwa wakipigania uhuru wao kutoka kwa uvamizi wa nchi yetu kutoka kwa wakoloni. Si ajabu nikisema kwamba bw Kimaiyo una kibarua kigumu cha kufanya katika masuala mengi yanahusu usalama ambao sasa unayoitikisa taifa letu kila kunapokucha, mle vijijini na hasa mijini. Lakini swali ni hili: Je, nawe utayapindua pindua mawe mangapi kama ilivyokuwa awali kwa wale waliokutangulia? Utamtumikia na kumhudumia nani? Wakenya au wenye hadhi, wenye vyeo, wenye mali, wenye bila ...wananchi? Ni yapi tofauti utakayoyatenda ili kuihudumu taifa lako ipasavyo, bila uwoga wala mapendeleo? Utafuata maagizo ulopewa na katiba au yale yanatoka juu, kwa wao, kwa hao, kwa wale wale tu? Sifa zako za kutenda kazi zitatoka kwa wananchi au kwa wale waliojipachika juu mtini? Ni maswali kemkem tulio nayo kwako wewe Bw David Kimaiyo. Hata hivyo, Wakenya wana matumaini mengi kutoka kwako, hasa katika kugeuza na kuisafisha jeshi la polisi limeoza kimaadili, utendaji na utekelezaji wa kazi zao.

Kenya imewashuhudia na kutumikiwa na Wakuu wa Polisi takriban kumi tangu tulipojipatia uhuru hapo mwaka wa 1963. Nachukua fursa hii kuwataja mmoja mmoja ili wengi wafahamu tulikotoka na tunakoelekea. Mkuu wa kwanza wa Jeshi la Polisi punde baada ya kupata uhuru alikuwa Bw Bernard Hinga ambaye alihudumukati ya 1964-1978. Bw Hinga alifuatwa na Bw. Bethi (1978-1982); Bw Phillip Kilonzo ( 1988-1993); Bw Bw Shedrack Kiruki (1993-1996); Bw Duncan Wachira (1996-1998); Bw Philemon Abongo (1998-2002); Edwin Nyaseda (2002-2003); Meja Gen. Mohammed H. Ali (2004-2009) na mwisho, Bw Mathew Kirai Iteere. Kila mmoja wao alikuwa na jiwe alilojaribu kulisukuma likampigia nanga: likakosa kusukumika.

Katika huduma za Wakuu hao wa polisi, taifa letu liliyashuhudia majanga mengi ambayo hata siku ya leo, Wakenya hawajawahi kuambiwa ukweli wowote wa mambo. Mawe yakaporomoka kutoka milimani, yakatulia tuli. Wote hao wakatuahidi kuyapindua pindua mawe hayo kujua ukweli, ili kuwatuliza Wakenya walioshikwa na butaa. Mawe yakabadirika na kuwa magogo, hayapinduki hata. Yakaketi pwee! Bw Kimaiyo, waweza kuwa tofauti na wao. Tueleze uyatakayo kufanya. Katika kipindi hiki cha mabadiliko, hatutaki askari walionarenare. Tutakuunga mkono bila shaka.

Taaluma ulionayo baada ya kuhitimu ukuruta katika chuo maarufu cha Kiganjo na vyuo vingine na kujipatia shahada ya kupambana na wahalifu na uhalifu, yatuangazia matumaini mengi sisi tukiwa Wakenya. Tumia taaluma, ujuzi na ubusara wako kuwahudumia Wakenya bila kuyatazama makabila na wanakotoka.Kati ya yale ambayo wananchi wanayatarajia kutoka kwako ni:

a). Kutayarisha warsha kote nchini ili kubadirisha mawazo na fikra za jeshi la polisi kuhusu utoaji hudumu kwa wananchi.

b). Anzisha sera ambazo zitawapa maofisa wa polisi mashinani kuwafikisha wahalifu na wakiukaji wote wa sheria kizimbani bila kujali nyadhifa zao katika jamii.

c). Waelimishe askari kutoa na kuchukuwa hatua za dharura na haraka pale watoto, wanawake na wanaume wanatoa arifa kuhusu kupigwa, kunajisiwa, kujeruhiwa, navisa vingine vya kikatili, badala ya maofisa kuwauliza walalamishi wende wakasuluhishe hayo nyumbani.

d). Kutokomeza mara rushwa katika vikosi vyote vya polisi kwa kuimarisha mishahara yao, kuwapa makazi bora, kuwapa bima nzuri ya afya, kuimarisha uchukuzi wao wanapotoa hudumu za dharura, kuwapa vifaa hasa silaha za kisasa wanapopambana na wahalifu ambao wamepiga hatua kubwa katika kutanda uhalifu.

e). Kuwasambasa askari wa usalama sehemu zote nchini kwa kupunguza idadi ya askari wanaowalinda mawaziri, wake na watoto wao; Waziri mmoja kulindwa na karibu askari ishirini wakati askari mmoja anawahudumia Wakenya 600 sio haki, sio jambo la busara.

f). Kuziiga mbinu za marehemu Robert Shaw, ambaye kwa mkono mmoja tu, aliwaangamiza wahalifu maarufu kwa kufika katika eneo la uhalifu bila kuchelea.

g). Kuanzisha nambari moja maalumu na inayofanya kazi itakayotumia na Wakenya wote mahali popote walipo ili kutoa habari. Kuiomba mbunge kutunga sheria itakayolazimisha kampuni za simu kuweka kifaa katika simu kitakachoonyesha uhalifu uliporipotiwa.

h). Kuwatia moyo wananchi kushirikiana na poisi katika maeneo yao kutoa taarifa za uhalifu na wahalifu miongoni mwao.

g). Kuwahimiza wananchi na viongozi kutii sheria bila shuruti, hasa kuchuchua sheria mikononi mwao kwa kuwateketeza washutumiwa wakati askari watazama tu..

h). Kuanzisha maabara ya upelelezi ambayo yatawanasa wahalifu kupitia alama za vidole, nyele, damu, mate, jasho, na kadharika kutoka eneo la uhalifu.

i). Kutaifisha bunduki zote haramu zilizo mikononi ya wahalifu na wananchi kwa kuweka sheria kali kwa wale watakaopatikana na silaha hizo.

j). Kumaliza ajali barabarani kwa kutekeleza sheria ipasavyo.

k). Kuimarisha kikosi cha upelelezi cha CID ambacho kimepoteza meno yote kikabaki kibogoyo.

l). Kuimarisha uhusiano kati ya polisi na wananchi ambao kwa miaka wamekuwa maadui, mahasimu.
Ukifanya hao, Bw Kimaiyo, utapunguza visa vya kuyapindua mawe yasiopinduka, kesi na upelelezi usiokuwa na mwisho, na visa vya kuwahudumia vigogo na wenye mali. Kumbuka umechaguliwa na katiba wala sio watawala kama ilivyo kwa waliokutangulia. Unapochaguliwa na katiba, unakuwa wewe ni mradi wa wananchi. Watakulinda wewe, liwe liwalo. Kanyaga barabara sasa, ni wakati wa kutumikia taifa lako, kwani, UTUMISHI NI KWA WOTE!!!!
By J. Mtulivu
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J. Mtulivu


By Mukurima Muriuki

Monday, December 31, 2012

I believe you had a wonderful Christmas, at least to make up for a year full of political goings on. I know that at this time of the year Christmas may not have made so much sense to you given the proximity it was to the forging of alliances for each of you. Perhaps it is a sign of good things that each of you officially got endorsed as a presidential flag bearer in your respective parties in the same month we celebrate the birth of Christ, born to redeem us for we are sinful.

Just like any Kenyan out there, my prediction is that the two of you will ultimately be the candidates to beat. Win or lose, there is so much at stake. Kenyans are optimistic but at the same time there is an untold fear of what our Kenya will be after the elections. The two of you have fanatical followers. You have done a good job to whip a good percentage of the population to be on your side. My request is that leadership must at the same time be able to tame such followers into being respectful citizens who are willing to be your co-workers as we seek to take the magical Kenya into the heights it ought to be.

I have no doubt about what each of you stands for. You have wonderful families. Each one of you is a great husband. You are good dads to your children. You have both succeeded in businesses. You have contributed to the development of Kenya through creation of jobs. At the same time, I am aware none of you is perfect. You see, in the first place you are human beings. Being politicians come second. There must be an allowance to make mistakes. But a true leader must admit to such mistakes.

I am happy that each of you, at different times in the last couple of months have been humble enough to admit mistakes and sought forgiveness from Kenyans. I do not merit passing a judgment as to whether this was done for political survival but for the time being I will take it as a sign of humility. However, I will fault each one of you. Raila, you should not have apologized to the people of Rift Valley. As Isaac Ruto said, we needed to know why you were apologizing in the first place. If there was something you did to the people of the Rift Valley, that apology should have been addressed to Kenyans because we are a country woven by a single garment of oneness. E pluribus Unum-out of many we are one. Uhuru, as you apologized to your TNA supporters for allowing some dark forces to interference with your judgment; you forgot that there are people who support you outside of TNA and URP. Besides, we would have liked to know if these dark forces have names or what shape and form they come in. that way, all of us would keep away!

My bible talks about a ''broken spirit''; an understanding that we must have God's help to be the person that we want to be; a willingness to give the very forgiveness we seek; a renunciation of the pride and the anger which cloud judgment, which leads people to excuse and compare and to blame and complain. This is what I humbly appeal of you to be. We want to be sure we are electing leaders who will own up. 

I love leaders who have a sense of humour. And you both do! Sometimes I wonder what makes us, your followers turn against each other, pour vitriol on each other, just for the sake of you! Stupid as it may sound, that is who we have been sometimes. 
The bad news though is that most of us do not trust the alliances you two have created. These are short term means to power and are not based on any principle or a deep rooted belief in your alliance partners. 

The alliances we have witnessed will get one of you to power. But what will be next? There is a country to build, an economy to grow, children to educate, a crumbling healthcare system to take care of, a public service to remunerate and so many things that need to be straightened. However, we are yet to see any of you address how this will be done. This is what the country is waiting to debate. How I wish the social sites would trend on arguments, loaded with facts, about which candidate’s policies will take care of Wanjiku. If that were to be, this letter would not even make sense!

One very important thing that I cannot forget to mention is that Kenyans are now an educated population. There are so many people with diplomas from polytechnics. There are another lot with undergraduate degrees. Many are graduates while there is a rising number with Phds. There are skills in the labour market. However, we do not have jobs that remunerate all these skills the way they should. It does not make sense to have an undergraduate earning less than Ksh 75,000. A Kenya of 21st century must be willing to change with changing times. I hope this will form part of what your government will address.

Finally, I also wish the best of success to your running mates; Kalonzo Musyoka and William Ruto. They have a history of service to Kenya and I know in them you shall have wonderful deputies. 

To my fellow Kenyans, The Bible teaches that when lions and lambs lie down together, none will be afraid, and there will be peace in the valley. It sounds impossible. Lions eat lambs. Lambs sensibly flee from lions. Yet even lions and lambs find common ground. Why? Because neither lions nor lambs want the forest to catch fire. Neither lions nor lambs want acid rain to fall. If lions and lambs can find common ground, surely we can as well -as civilized Kenyans. We must unite and love each other no matter the party or tribal affiliation