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Is Ababu on his way out of ODM?

NEW BEST FRIENDS: President Uhuru with Budalang?i mp Ababu Namwamba at State House on June 22.President Uhuru Kenyatta with Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba in Busia in September 2014.Photo/File
NEW BEST FRIENDS: President Uhuru with Budalang?i mp Ababu Namwamba at State House on June 22.President Uhuru Kenyatta with Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba in Busia in September 2014.Photo/File
July 4, 2015
ANXIETY has gripped ODM over the political intentions of its firebrand secretary general Ababu Namwamba amid suggestions of impending defection to President Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee Alliance Party.
The disquiet has been triggered by Ababu's new-found camaraderie with Jubilee, cozying up to the President and recent remarks said to belittle the opposition.
Ababu's defection would be a blow to ODM where he is popular and influential as a young leader, considered by many to be a rising star. He was poised to succeed in the party's internal elections disrupted by the "men in black" in 2013.
It is feared he could become Jubilee's newest point-men.
The revelation that Uhuru may return to Ababu's Budalang'i constituency next month has further heightened speculation the high-profile lawmaker was planning ditching Cord Leader Raila Odinga.
Yesterday, several top ODM officials were emphatic insisted Ababu would decamp, while others said he would remain. The critics spoke on condition they not be quoted by name.
“We expect our SG to lead in putting a check on the government but he has turned into a Jubilee apologist and sycophant,” one official said, referring to Ababu's declarations that he would work with Jubilee for the sake of development.
“As did Musalia Mudavadi [who left ODM for UDF], Ababu appears to be preparing us psychologically for his imminent departure,” the official added.
However, Ababu has denied suggestions he plans to exit, saying he is in ODM to stay.
“This is absolute rubbish,” Ababu said. "I wouldn't dignify this with a response."
If Ababu does cross over, his mostly likely replacement would be Funyula MP Paul Otuoma. replacement.
In 2013, Ababu, commonly referred to by supporters as Gererali (general), teamed up with youthful leaders and vigorously campaigned for Raila under ODM Reloaded, a lobby group within the Orange Party.
ODM officials complain, however, that on June 22 Ababu led 25 MPs from Western to State House Nairobi where they met the President who then announced a Sh1 billion bailout for struggling Mumias Sugar Company.
Two days before, Ababu gave a wide berth to the Western Kenya ODM strategy meeting with Raila
At the State House meeting, Uhuru's Presidential Strategic Communications Unit widely distributed photos of the MP and President in close conversation, interpreted as a deliberate move to show their personal and political affinity.
Ababu's ODM critics also cite his central role in Uhuru's tour and the protocol at Mumias where Namwamba was one of the keynote speakers, preceding Deputy President William Ruto.
“This special treatment was deliberate. Jubilee is positioning Ababu as their next point-man,” one MP said.
However, it was Ababu's speech during the President's tour last week that most angered Raila's inner circle.
The MP is said to have asked the crowd whether he should leave ODM or not, signalling that departure was an option ahead of 2017.
Contacted for comment, Ababu said suggestions about his departure stem from the “fertile imaginations of people with nothing to do”. He suggested these "idlers" should be writing Hollywood scripts.
Earlier this week, Ababu publicly dared his critics, saying he can win his Budalang'i parliamentary seat without ODM.
“I have heard the propaganda that I cannot survive without ODM in Budalang'i, but the party failed to win the seat until my entry in 2007," he was quoted as saying.
At the same time, he announced he had invited Uhuru to lay the foundation stone for Sigiri Bridge next month.
Some top ODM officials in the National Executive Council downplayed the suggestion of a defection.
“As a party, are we to be worried? Ababu has always been reasonable, well informed and of sound mind," Treasurer Timothy Bosire said.
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The writing on the wall for the crumbling Jubilee administration is clear for all to see; the much-hyped digital administration is presiding over tech-savvy looting of public funds through high level institutionalized corruption, it has lost the war to petty and sophisticated criminals and has embraced dictatorship as the preferred tool for suffocating divergent views.

Talk is cheap, and it does not get any cheaper than the empty and repeated public pronouncements from the very top of government that there would be no other Goldenberg or Anglo Leasing under Jubilee. To the contrary and in his own admission, President Uhuru Kenyatta has called global attention to pervasive corruption in his office. 

But, for reasons only known to himself, he lacks the courage to name the fat cats. When a President is held hostage by an evil cabal of corruption cartels, the outcome would make Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg look like child play.

But the war on corruption cannot and must not be used as a tool to wage political battles and exclude “outsider” communities from participation in government or protect sacred but corrupt government “insiders”. In dealing with allegations of corruption in high offices, the Uhuru administration must stop playing hide-and-seek with Kenyans. 

It is a pity that statecraft and resources are being mobilized to insulate Devolution CS Anne Waiguru from accountability on suspected shady dealings in her ministry while at the same time unleashing dogs of war on “peripheral” Cabinet Secretaries and other senior government actors on flimsy allegations of corruption. 

This double-speak, outright endorsement and blatant public display of affection for a public servant by State House is the embodiment of leadership failure. When CORD forms government in 2017, we will deliberately build bridges for all Kenyan communities to reach out to each other and embrace one another in national unity without undue regard to ethnicity, creed, region or political leaning.

Let us make this point very clear, we will not drop the demand for Waiguru to either step down or be forced out of office to pave way for proper investigations into the award of tenders and jobs in the Devolution docket. The CORD fraternity and Kenyans in their majority are resolute on this demand.

Under this government’s watch, insecurity has mutated into a living nightmare for virtually everyone in Kenya. The government’s casual and ill-informed approach in what it calls war on terror speaks volumes about the inability of the Uhuru administration to execute the primary mandate of any government –ensuring the safety and security of citizens. A government that cannot protect its people has absolutely lost the moral authority to be in office.

Anyone in search of concrete evidence that this government either does not care or has no clue how to secure its citizens should pay attention to official response to the commercialized and politically instigated cattle rustling escapades in parts of the country and the half-hearted response to rag-tag militias terrorizing Kenyans in rural and urban settings.

Kenya’s development partners have added their voice to public declarations by CORD that local communities are key in any meaningful war on terror. Clamping down on civil society organizations and shouting down religious leaders only serves to suppress expression which in turn fuels violent extremism. 

It is not through isolation that governments confront challenges facing them. This must not be cheapened or misconstrued by praise-singers and poets in the President’s court to imply that we seek inclusion in government. Far from it. In fact, it is a known fact that this government is in office on the strength of a Supreme Court ruling and not on account of popular vote. We in CORD must remind President Uhuru and his deputy that we carry the aspirations of more than half of this country by region and numbers. 

They lost the election in 2013, they have already lost the 2017 elections by a much wider margin.

But even as Kenyans prepare to vote out this government, we must all be alert to machinations by the presidency to reinvent dictatorship and sneak imperial rule into the system through the so called “executive decrees” and “presidential orders”. 

Recent pronouncements from the top including laws gagging the mass media to deny the public free access to information; the presidential memo to Parliament seeking to make the office of the Auditor General subservient to the Public Service Commission; relentless efforts to militarize the Kenyan State and the aborted executive order to 2014 police recruits in blatant disregard of a court case among other moves must put all of us on our guard to reject 21 Century dictatorship by a presidency that cares little about the majority of Kenyans.

It would be a waste of precious time trying to respond to Deputy President William Ruto’s unsolicited advice to CORD principals on our winning formula for the 2017 General Election. Suffice it to say that Ruto has enough personal baggage to grapple with and if appointing himself political adviser to CORD principals would give him some comic relief, then let the self-declared hustler be.

Our motherland needs political salvation hence OKOA Kenya; about which fellow citizens you will be hearing and will be called upon to participate in.

Long Live KENYA!

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka
Wiper Democratic Movement – Kenya
Party Leader 
And CORD Co Principal

4th July, 2015
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Baxston Nyairo

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President Kenyatta in Zambia for two day state visit

Where do the Clippers go without DeAndre Jordan?

Ball Don't Lie

Eric Freeman 

CP3 now has many more reasons to be upset at DeAndre Jordan. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)The Los Angeles Clippers learned Friday that the line between contention and also-ran status can be all too thin. With dynamic center DeAndre Jordan on his way to the Dallas Mavericks on a four-year, max-level contract below the Clippers' own offer, the West's No. 3 seed, a team that looked like a potential title favorite for a few weeks in April and May, now has serious questions about its ability to defend anyone, let alone compete with the likes of the Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Cleveland Cavaliers. No team with stars like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will ever be seriously lacking, but the loss of Jordan puts the Clippers threatens to cap the Clippers' expectations for next season and beyond. Worse yet, it's not clear where they can turn for replacements and reinforcements.
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Although it's relatively easy to argue that the Mavericks have misjudged the breadth of Jordan's talents, the nearly 27-year-old center earned this contract by serving as an essential piece of one of basketball's best teams. As our Kelly Dwyer noted in his analysis of the deal, Jordan still has some bad habits as a defender and wasn't "clearly" the most deserving Defensive Player of the Year candidate, no matter how much Doc Rivers campaigned for him in the press. Yet he is also an elite rim protector who regularly frustrated the historically smooth Spurs in the first round of this past postseason. For that matter, Jordan's defensive skills also helped cover for lapses on the perimeter and kept Griffin from exerting too much energy. No matter who the Clippers find to replace him, the defense will need to be rethought and reimagined without Jordan.
The most efficient offense of 2014-15 will need its own adjustments without the hyper-athletic center. Although Jordan's notoriously poor free-throw shooting and propensity for dunks have sometimes caused fans and analysts to cast him as an unthinking golem, he has legitimate, hard-to-reproduce skills as a finisher and screener, particularly on alley-oop passes from Paul (and increasingly Griffin). Chris Paul was the architect of Lob City, but Jordan at least served as one of its chief foremen. For all that Paul does to find teammates for dunks, players like Jordan make his task much easier with their ability to catch, finish, and often redefine merely adequate passes. The Clippers can find someone to dunk, but they will almost assuredly not match the potency of this partnership.
That's largely because they have limited options via free agency or trade. SB Nation's Mike Prada put together a useful explanation of all available avenues, none of which suggest the ability to add a starting-caliber center. In short, the Clippers were only able to offer Jordan a max-level deal because he was already on their roster, so they don't simply gain $20 million in cap space with his departure. Losing Jordan puts the Clippers a hair below the salary cap, which would usually open up the mid-level exception at about $5.5 million. But the franchise justagreed to terms with veteran wing Paul Pierce for about $3.3 million per year for the full taxpayer's mid-level exception, which would have been the only available salary if Jordan had returned. Now, though, that $3.3 million is covered under the mid-level exception, which gives the Clippers a little over $2 million to spend on a new big man. While a veteran-laden contender can hope to add a similarly well-aged player at a cut-rate salary, much as they did with Pierce, the fact is that such big men are only available because of serious limitations and can rarely play more than 15 or 20 minutes per game.
Those figures mean that the Clippers will have to hope for the possibility of a sign-and-trade deal, but they have limited assets to make such a deal worth the trade partner. As Prada notes, that's especially the case if they try to negotiate with a team like the Mavericks or Memphis Grizzlies, in-conference rivals who must be thrilled to see a high-end contender with such a gaping hole in the middle.
So, where can the Clippers reasonably turn? Yahoo's own Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned Grizzlies free agent center Kosta Koufos as a potential sign-and-trade target, and he would seem to be the best available option if the two sides can work out a deal. However, that agreement could have to involve reserve scorer Jamal Crawford, a key player for Los Angeles for several seasons and potentially even more important now that the Clippers will have to play small more often. The Clippers can bring back veteran free agent Glen "Big Baby" Davis to play some center and probably will regardless of whatever else they do, but he's undersized and not equipped to play major minutes at the position.
Otherwise, the Clippers will be forced to turn to rapidly aging veterans like Kendrick Perkins and Amar'e Stoudemire, both of whom have been linked to the Clippers in recent reports. But neither is much of a defender at this point in their careers, although Stoudemire can at least score enough to help somewhere. Perk, though, is probably useful only as a reminder of his success alongside Rivers, Pierce, and Davis with the Boston Celtics.
Given all these issues, the Clippers' best option is to assume a dearth of rim protection and go small. Yet this roster is not necessarily in position to mimic the Golden State Warriors' brand of hyper-versatile switch-heavy defense. Apart from new addition Lance Stephenson, none of the Clippers is especially capable of guarding multiple positions on the same possession, although Paul and starting shooting guard J.J. Redick are both very good defenders in the backcourt. Essentially, Rivers will have to bank on smaller lineups with Griffin at the five and Pierce at the four out-scoring opponents so thoroughly that the quality of defense becomes incidental to their success. On the other hand, it's not obvious that a team full of veterans can sustain that style over a full season.
The Clippers have no easy way around these problems, because they were constructed to take advantage of Jordan's elite blend of defense, size, and athleticism. Regardless of whether he proves himself worthy of his new contract with the Mavericks, there was little doubt that Jordan was worth the max-level salary for the Clippers, a group whose championship window exists only as long as Chris Paul is still in his prime. Without their center, that opening may be all but closed for 2015-16.
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Eric Freeman is a writer for Ball Don't Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him atefreeman_ysports@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter!

Nigeria returns 10,000 euros to French love scam victim

Thu, Jul 2 4:44 PM GMT
Lagos (AFP) - Nigeria's anti-graft agency said Thursday it had returned 10,000 euros to a French man who thought he met a beautiful Nigerian woman online willing to move to France... only to find out it was a scamThe man, identified as Francois Mercade, "alleged that he met a Nigerian beauty by the name 'Kate Williams' on the Internet sometime in 2009 and they developed a relationship which was to culminate in marriage," the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said.
"'Williams' was to relocate to join Mercade in France, to consummate the relationship.
"'Williams', who purportedly did some jobs for an unnamed company in Nigeria, came up with a story that the company refused to pay 'her' for the job done."
The supposed wife-to-be told him that before she could relocate to France, she needed money to hire a lawyer to deal with her employer and to get travel documents, the EFCC said.
Eventually, Mercade wired 25,000 euros ($28,000) over to enable his beloved to join him, but soon realised he had been conned.
"Kate Williams" was none other than Omodara Adedapo Oluseye, a male student at a college of agriculture in southwestern Nigeria, the EFCC said.
He had an accomplice, and both have since been arrested and jailed for one year.
The EFCC however only recovered part of the money Mercade was deceived into paying and wired the 10,000 euros to the victim.
Internet love scams targeting gullible suitors in rich countries are common, and a large number of these have originated in Nigeria.


Source: DeAndre Jordan agrees to $80 million deal with Mavericks

Marc J. Spears 

Los Angeles Clippers free-agent center DeAndre Jordan plans to announce early Friday evening that he has agreed to sign a four-year, $80 million deal with the Dallas Mavericks, sources told Yahoo Sports.
View photo
DeAndre Jordan (Getty Images)
DeAndre Jordan (Getty Images)
Jordan has already informed Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and coach Rick Carlisle that he is joining Dallas, sources said.
The announcement is expected around 6 p.m. ET.
Jordan, who turns 27 on July 21, has spent all seven seasons of his NBA career with the Los Angeles Clippers, developing into one of the league's best rim protectors and defensive centers.
He averaged 11.5 points and led the league in rebounding at 15 per game last season, earning first-team NBA All-Defense honors.
Jordan was drafted by the Clippers in 2008 out of Texas A&M in the second round with the 35th overall selection.
The Mavericks can't officially sign Jordan until July 9 when the NBA's free-agent moratorium ends.

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