Tuesday, June 14, 2011

President Barack Obama will visit Kenya on the 14th of September this year.

Posted by African Press International on June 13, 2011
By Chief editor Korir (API).
This is good news for Kenya and those who identify with him in the country.
A long-awaited visit to Kenya by President Barack Obama will now take place on the 14th of September this year, a reliable source has revealed.
The visit comes only months after the Killing of Osama bin Laden and last week’s killing in Somalia of the man who is reported to have been the mastermind of the bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Obama is going to Kenya and Tanzania as a show of solidarity with the families who lost their loved ones during the bombings.
While on a visit to Kenya, where he will meet with some of the relatives of those who died during the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi, Obama will also cross the border to Tanzania to pay his respect to those who perished during the bombing of the US embassy in that country.
His visit to Kenya, however, will be a major happening because he will visit Kogelo village, the homestead of his father. Obama’s father was from Kenya.
Ever since he was elected President, many Kenyans have waited to hear the announcement as to when he will visit the country of his roots. The Kenyans want him to visit the country while he is still the President.  Now that the US presidential elections is around the corner – next year – it is time that the president visits Kenya, the home of his father.
Obama has announced that he will fight for a second term as President in next year’s elections, but advisors must have decided that it is better for him to visit Kenya now as president, because with politics one never knows whether a sitting president gets elected for another term in office.
It would also not be conducive for him to visit Kenya in an election year. Both countries, the US and Kenya will have elections next year.
This news of  a planned visit will be received very well by a large section of Kenyans who identify themselves with Obama. Some of them, however, may not like the fact that the president will not spend a night in the country. It is reported that he will be in the country 10 hours before crossing to Tanzania.


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  2. This story is nonsense. It's being perpetuated by africanpress.wordpress.com (API) by some loser named Sammy Korir. Nothing he writes makes sense and in 2008, he conned thousands of Americans about Obama (Google him).
    Only thing I'm surprised about is Nation and Standard (Standard even credited API) believed this nonsense . Lousy journalism!