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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Henry Kosgey’s mother happy her prediction came true

By Michael Chepkwony

Tinderet MP Henry Kosgey’s mother had predicted charges against his son will be dropped by International Criminal Court (ICC). And true to her word, her son was let off the hook.
The former Industralisation minister came out unscathed to the jubilation of his family and supporters.
His mother, Elizabeth Moek breathed a sigh of relief after the ICC presiding judge Ekaterina Trendafilova ruled that the court would not confirm the case the ODM chairman was facing.
"The burden the family was carrying since Henry was mentioned as one of the suspects has finally been offloaded," the 100 years old Moek told a battery of journalist who flocked her home at Lelwak village in Lessos division on Monday.
She added: "I said that my son was innocent and I am happy that you have confirmed it".
Waited eagerly
Moek noted that as a mother, this was the best reward God gave her this year after the family was traumatised by the ICC issue for a long time.
Earlier, a cloud of fear hang over the family’s compound as Moek and other family members waited eagerly for the ICC ruling.
Everything came to a halt as family members and friends together with journalists flocked there to follow the proceedings on TV.
Dogs lay quietly by the shade as if they were aware of what kept the mood of uncertainty.
Moek looked impatiently at the television minutes before the ruling as her grandchildren and son assembled around her, all united by the same force.
"My son is innocent," were the words that often came out of the old woman’s lips as she kept shifting her radio from one angle to another in search of clarity.
Paul Kosgei, the MP’s brother told Moek: "Everything would be alright mother. "
Later Moek received a call from Kosgey informing her that the case against her had been dropped.
But this message could not stop them from following the proceedings on TV, as they wanted to confirm it from the presiding Judge.
After the ruling was made the family and villagers who had thronged the home broke into celebrations.
The same celebratory mood was witnessed in the village as supporters of Kosgey welcomed the ruling in a style.
Still innocent
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has appealed to Kenyans to exercise calm and stay peaceful in the wake of the a ruling by ICC at The Hague.
Raila said he hoped the final outcome will deliver justice to both the Kenyan Nationals before the ICC and the victims of post-election violence.
In a statement sent to newsrooms Raila said he had taken note of the decision by the ICC in which four out of the six suspects had their cases confirmed.
"As it is now, it is important for all Kenyans to await the final outcome of the process. Indeed the Kenyan Nationals before the Court are still innocent," he added.

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  1. Its good to be humble. where are the chest thumbers now. let them chew there pie.. Dont be vouge lets go to the hauge.. its now really its not just fighting raila even to the point that they loose there focus and become blind


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