Friday, January 27, 2012

Corridors of Power

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for finance Uhuru Kenyatta
That Kenyans of all walks were anxiously anticipating the ICC verdict would be an understatement. What was however so Kenyan about it all is the belief by people who would be considered to be well versed in due process expected somehow that the verdict would be 'leaked' before the time specified by the court. Journalists phones were ringing off the hook as Judges, MPs and other respected and prominent senior citizens kept calling demanding to be told the verdict.
A senior seems not to have woken up to the reality that times have indeed changed in Kenya. The cop reportedly attempt to influence the outcome of an investigation into a domestic matter involving a deputy university chancellor of one of the public universities and some of his relatives. The top cop wrote to his junior directing him to withdraw the complaint filed against the university as 'directed." Using the 'orders from above' technique that was so abused during the last regime, the PCIO invoked the name of their boss to indicate that the instructions to the DCIO were not a request but an order.
Two politicians from Central Kenya are reportedly secretly rooting for Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta to be sacked as Finance minister after the ICC confirmed charges. One of them who has not been so discreet in expressing his views has seen his popularity at the constituency level plunge. It seems the two men hope that one of them will be appointed to the Cabinet, maybe not the finance docket but any other Cabinet position after a reshuffle.
A top politician was very busy on Monday afternoon visiting the homes of some of the Ocampo Six to celebrate (with those acquitted) and express solidarity with those who the ICC says have cases to answer. The warm welcome was however absent when he arrived at the home of one of the suspects. Our moles tell us that the politician was barred from entering the home on the express instructions of the suspect who at the time was receiving a delegation of political leaders from Western Kenya. The security at the gate had the uncomfortable task of barring the top politician from entering the home.

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