Thursday, March 18, 2010


Members of Parliament are currently locked in a closed door meeting deliberating the proposed draft constitution clause by clause.

The deliberations come a day after both sides of the coalition government differed publicly with ODM maintaining a hard stance on its demands which were rubbished by PNU as attempts to scuttle the process of consensus building.

ODM and PNU Wednesday called separate press conferences to state their positions on the draft.

ODM maintained it will not back down on its demands to have among others a devolved government that is three tier, a powerful senate, representation to take into consideration the issue of both population and size, the question of land distribution be addressed adequately as well as regional equity in resource allocation.

PNU on the other hand wanted amendments made to increase the number of counties, the removal of a clause demanding fresh vetting of judges and another one stating that the President shall consult the Prime Minister in making appointments to constitutional offices and the public service.

The better part of Thursday morning remained relatively calm as legislators scrutinized the proposed draft chapter by chapter in an attempt to reach an agreement on thorny issues before debate kicks off in parliament next week.

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