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Beware Kalenjin Community Being Auctioned To Kibaki

By Kipsang Tigogo

In addition to the information I passed over to you last week regarding the Kalenjin Community, it has become apparent that Hon William Ruto has been paid over two Billion Shillings and his business have been given Tax exemptions by Kenya revenue Authority and Kenya Bureau of Standards to enable him make quick money to use for luring other Kalenjin leaders and movements into PNU style.

We also have details about Hon. William Ruto having been awarded lucrative Government Tenders in many Government Departments in order to help him recover his money he intends to use to Offset some of his properties which is currently being questioned in Court so as to be free of any scandals courtesy of PNU in exchange for the huge Kalenjin Chunk of votes.

There are vary many other details of behind the scene trading going on under Hon Ruto's armpits aimed at solving his Financial burden and Legal suits hanging over his head. In so doing this, Hon William Ruto is ready to have as many amendments to the current Draft Constitution as possible to favour the PNU presidential system without checks and balances to enable the Kikuyus rule forever since they have the numbers. In essence what Hon Ruto is doing is trading the Kalenjins and Rift Valley Province in General to the Central Kenya Groups who have serious vested interests in the expansive Rift valley Province especially land.

Hon William Ruto was one of the people who supported Parliamentary system of Government which he claimed was to initiate proper checks and balances and was aimed at enabling other Communities outside central province gain Presidency but after having been bought by PNU, he went to Naivasha and ensured Parliamentary system was done away with. One would definitely be left wondering why such a sudden change of thought when even his strongest allies like Isaac Ruto also initially supporting the Parliamentary system of governance also went silent. It was discovered that they were bought to agree with PNU so as to give PNU's Uhuru Kenyatta leverage to have the power.

Now as Kalenjins you need to be weary that that was just the beginning of things and right now Hon William Ruto is rallying all his troops to support amendments that will weaken the Checks and balances to the currently proposed checks and balances to the Presidential System.

They among other things want to:

Weaken the Senate.

Remove the recall clause which they imagine people who discover the betrayal he has made to Kalenjins would use to Remove him from Parliament

Allow Rift Valley province to be sub divided into various regions to accommodate the people from Central Province who have been dying to settle there.

I wish to call upon all members of the Kalenjin Community to read between the lines and talk to their respective Members of Parliament to desist from these dirty William Ruto Schemes and support a Constitution that is strong and will safeguard the interests of the Kalenjin Community and also protect them from being exploited as they are being planned to be at the moment.

Please note that the time for doing this is now or never for most of us since as a Kalenjin Community on our own it would not be easy to have the Constitution that is wrongly made to amended to cater for our special needs. I wish to inform you that currently as things are going on, we are already being taken to an Auction Market by none other than William Samoei Ruto and his allies and most of us will cry and shed tears when it is too late.

It should be noted that members of Central Province do not like us and this is a fact. I wish to also call upon our senior Politicians like Mzee Daniel Toroitich arap Moi and his team to try and talk to most of these Kalenjin Youthful leaders to be careful against following the wave initiated by Politicians from outside our Province and do not clearly understand the Real life issues in the Kalenjin Land.

This is to draw your attention to the fact that as a the Kalenjin Community you should not be cheated by a few politicians like William Ruto and his allies for trying to merely use us to square their political rivalry with his estranged ally Raila Odinga. These are jut a bunch of individuals who had their own agreements and if they differed then too bad for them.

The fundamental issues affecting our Community.

I wish to warn anybody following the Ruto wave blindly that this is a movement that is meant to Auction to Kalenjin Community. We should be wise to think ahead and get the right focus of where we are heading to and also look at where we are coming from.

What all Kalenjins should know is that there are no power brokerages that are meant to yield fruit before the new Constitution is put in place so following William Ruto blindly is something that as Kalenjins we should be weary of. It is a fact that as a Community currently we do not have a strong political leader and party and this has meant outsiders like Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka are willing to use us as a springboard to their Political ascendancy and some of our senior Politicians are encouraging this by taking sides with these foreign groups.

My advise for now is that we get back to KANU which is a party we can claim ownership of and through this party, we can articulate our stand and our issues as far as the new Constitution is concerned.

The reason why I am advising the Kalenjin community on this is that History in Kenya has it that President Mwai Kibaki has no common friend and what William Ruto is simply doing is trying to play a game which many politicians have played with Kibaki and they were eventually short-changed.

Raila Odinga tried playing the famous "Kibaki Tosha" and then what happened? He was the First one to be sidelined when the Government was formed in the year 2003 until he was eventually kicked out in 2005 after they parted ways during the referendum which we as the Kalenjins helped Raila to beat following massive manipulations on the proposed constitution. Kibaki brought on board his elite friends like Dr. Chris Murungaru, Kiraitu Murungi, Njenga Karume, Simeon Nyachae and other goons on board. Paul Muite who he used to silence Raila was also kicked out and that clearly explains why Paul Muite will forever remain Kibaki's enemy No. 1 for feeling used and dumped by Kibaki.

Martha Karua was once one of President Kibaki's main allies who vehemently defended him even at the hour of need at the Contentious KICC vote tallying centre and also ensured President Kibaki was handed over the controversial Winnership of the Kenyan presidency. Now where is she? She was eventually used and is no longer needed and this is a fact. Look at her actions now. She has become the fiercest critic of President Kibaki and would support Raila Odinga if given a chance now.

Kalembe Ndile, Mutua Katuku and Joseph Munyao became the strongest advocates of President Kibaki and they even lost their parliamentary seats for going against the wave but look at them now. They are riddled with debt and are never allowed entry into State house for a mere fact that they have no political clout after the Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka whom they were helping Kibaki fight now turned into an ally of Kibaki. Kalembe is seriously broke and is also a fugitive who can’t operate for fear of being arrested for defaulting on his many loans and debts. These guys are now used and dumped as per president Kibaki's style.

One different thing is that as President Moi would always keep his political friends even when they failed to make a comeback into politics, President Kibaki cares less even within his Kikuyu tribe as evidenced by some of his former allies who lost their seats and he left them to carry their own crosses. Look at how he disowned Amos Kimunya after he was fried in Parliament yet the Grand Regency Deal was between Kibaki and Kimunya. Look at how he left Justice Ringera be hounded out of office yet Ringera was purposely put there to protect their interests. This is clear indication that Kibaki is a user who gets your little assistance and then dumps you along the way once he has gained his big deal.

For this reason I wish to remind my fellow community members from the Kalenjin Community that History is very very clear that Kalenjins and Kikuyus have never seen eye to eye and therefore we should not be cheated by simple Plastic smiles between Kibaki and Ruto in Public rallies and Shows that its a new dawn. The fact that we have had historical injustices between the Kikuyu and the Kalenjins and the Climax of this having been the 2008 Post Election Violence should make us rethink critically.

Kalenjins please beware that Kibaki wants to use you to make a Constitution that will deal with Kalenjins and allow the Kikuyu interests in Kalenjin land of Rift Valley be catered for whether Kalenjins like it or not. Remember one of the Strategies for this in the proposed new Constitution is subdivision of Rift valley province into smaller Units for ease of governance and allow Kikuyus to own the Rich Rift Valley province which they have been dying to own whether you kill them or not.

Kikuyus have already won the first round of the battle by pushing through the Presidential system of governance to which they have a Pedigree being the only Community with the largest population that only needs an alliance of one another large tribe to have one of their own on top. What they are now intending to do is push for amendments in the Draft Constitution to Weaken the Checks and balances like a Weak senate and weak Structures to give the President so much enormous powers which he would use to their benefit. Look at the years before 2007 General elections for Instance. All key positions in the Government were held by Kikuyu Meru, Embu and affiliated tribes. Believe me not this is what they wish and after all they will say this is the Katiba that most Kenyans wanted including the Kalenjins who will have followed William Ruto Blindly.

Kiboko ya William Ruto is coming and this will be the time when they will have used him to Rubberstamp all the illegal amendments to the Proposed Constitution and enact it then they will sideline him. He will be taken to Courts and jails to suppress him from fighting back and the greatest weapon they have against him is the Eldoret Kiambaa Church massacre where many asylum seekers from central Province who were fleeing from Post election violence were burnt alive in a Church. Ruto will not win and this will mark our second Round of Whining and crying at how we have been betrayed.

Dear all Kalenjins of sound mind and thought please take this Report seriously and let us avoid being Auctioned by the likes of William Ruto. And let us have our own stand. Let us support a Constitution that is watertight and not a brokered deal that is going to work against our Community. Let us not be auctioned by Hon William Ruto. We have able leaders like Daniel Toroitich arap Moi and Nicholas Biwott who can ably lead us into the right direction. Please members of the Kipsigis Community and the Nandi Community, take note of this and be very very careful of the Central Province leaders they are trying to woo us. After all, they have no good intention for us but to finish us. We need to stand up firmly and push our Members of parliament to enact a Constitution that protects us from being mishandled in future and our generations to come. The leaders we have now the William Ruto’s and the likes will be held responsible should the Kalenjin Community get into problems but all in all we also have a responsibility to impress upon them to be sober to get us a good constitution and good leadership.

Please pass this information to all Kalenjins for purposes of enabling them be enlightened and help in safeguarding our Interests as a Community as opposed to enabling a Few individuals take short advantage of our Community since after all they will head nowhere but doom.

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