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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Raila advises Oburu and Orengo

By Evelyn Kwamboka
Kisumu; Kenya. Prime Minister Raila Odinga has broken his silence over the on-going Siaya County politics between his two allies vying for the same seat.
Raila made it clear that he would not interfere with the quest by his brother Oburu Odinga and Lands Minister James Orengo, to vie for the senator seat in the area.
“I do not want to be involved in Siaya politics and let us not spend time fighting but direct the ball to the direct goal,” he said.
However, the PM said it is one’s democratic right to vie for a post but this should be done in a way that would unite people instead of creating divisions.
This comes barely 24 hours after Oburu held a rally in Orengo’s Ugenya home turf, a week after Orengo did the same in Bondo.
It is a seat which Raila’s elder brother Oburu has been claiming in his campaigns to have declared his interest first.
Orengo has also maintained that he would not step down for Oburu, adding that they should meet each other at the ODM nomination exercise where delegates would decide on who to be the party’s flag bearer in the coming general elections.
Power sharing
Speaking at a burial in Bondo, Raila also welcomed the issue on leaders discussing possibilities of power sharing in the leadership of counties.
“It is a healthy debate and county leadership. Power sharing issue needs to be discussed openly for people not to feel disadvantaged,” he said.
Talks by leaders on how county seats created by the new constitution should be shared have been going on in areas such as Migori, Turkana, Samburu and other parts of the country.
The PM said 2013 general election would be the same as one witnessed in 1963, adding that this is because the constitution has changed the structure of leadership in the country.
“We are in some kind of cross roads and the coming elections can only be equated to the one held in 1963. Elections require a lot of consultations,” he said.
Oburu called on the electorate in the area to ensure political campaigns in the area are held peacefully, adding that “votes are not forced on people.”
He also warned that their ambition for the same seat should not affect Raila’s bid to State House in any way.
On his part, Orengo said he would join hands with MPs such as Kisumu Town West MP Olago Aluoch to study all instruments of the law in a bid to ensure that no technical loopholes are used to bar Raila from State House, if he wins the race.
Orengo revealed that this precautionary measure would take place in the next two weeks, adding that a Bill seeking to allow any person with a national identity waiting card be allowed to vote.
Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo said Siaya voters to set a good example, adding that it is Orengo and Oburu’s democratic right to vie for the same seat but warned that this should not draw their attention away from national issues.
Muhoroni MP Ayiecho Olweny told Siaya people that a government without Orengo and Oburu would not be complete if Raila wins the election.
“Both of them have to be on Raila’s side,” he said.
Civil service jobs
Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile who was representing Kangundo MP Johnstone Muthama took issue with the current leadership, claiming there was too much tribalism in the way people are appointed in various civil service jobs.
“I do not know when President Kibaki became a tribalist. At least former President Moi used to share the seats,” he said.

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