Sunday, June 30, 2013

Corridors of Power

Saturday, June 29, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY POLITICAL DESK
Decorum in the National Assembly was at its lowest on Thursday evening as Jubilee and Cord MPs clashed over the funds to be allocated for the free laptop programme. Lawmakers resorted to name calling and use of obscene gestures, including the flashing of the middle finger, against their opponents. The tantrums escalated when an MP, while seeking a ruling from Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso on the use of the dirty gestures in the House, ended up repeating the mistake as he flashed his middle finger several times as he addressed the speaker.  
Still on MPs and their weird behavior in the House, a Cord MP from Nyanza who was agitated by the behavior of a Jubilee rival from Rift Valley, yelled at him: “You murderer!” Determined not to take the insult lying down, the Rift Valley legislator, who is a first timer in Parliament, hit back: “You seasoned chief extortionist.” Corridors is hoping that the two “honourable members” will not go for each others' necks in case they meet outside the House.
Some Jubilee bigwigs were overheard boasting how they will block Kethi Kilonzo from vying on a Wiper ticket for the Makueni senatorial seat. The individuals were claiming they have enough evidence to prove that Kethi was outside the country during the March 4 elections and could not have voted for her late father Mutula Kilonzo. They even threatened to release documentary evidence of the hotel abroad where she was staying on election day.
Officials of a Chinese roads construction company are in panic after an audit revealed that they received pay for an El-Nino project seven years ago. Attempts by the officials to ward off investigative journalists from a local television station probing the more than Sh89 million double payment appears to have hit a snag. Corridors has learned that the media outlet is about to expose how rogue government officials have been reaping off tax-payers in collusion with unscrupulous contractors by raising invoices which are promptly paid under pending bills.
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