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Hugo Chavez/Rachel Shebesh

Corridors of Power
Friday, June 28, 2013 - 00:00 -- BY POLITICAL DESK

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has big dreams— to turn Machakos into another "Nairobi City." While we wish him well as he tries to realize this dream, we would like to ask him to look into the rather mundane and small matter of the administration policemen assigned to guard his offices. We are told the APs have to trek a total of 12 kilometers daily to and from their post at FTC to the governor's office. And to ensure they do not get docked for having dusty shoes, the askaris have taken to slipping on canvas shoes to make the trek and only wear their boots once they get to their station. It might not be too much to ask the county chiefs especially as there is a greater risk that the APs might become easy targets for any wahalifus (criminals) who might want to get their hands on a firearm or two!
Hugo Chavez/Rachel Shebesh— Do the two sound similar? During one of the Senate sessions, Nairobi's Mike Mbuvi Sonko took umbrage when Kisumu's Anyang' Nyong'o made reference to the late Venezuelan president during his contributions. Immediately Sonko rose up and demanded to know why Nyong'o was making reference to nominated MP Rachel Shebesh. The session chair Elizabeth Ong’oro asked Nyong’o to clear the air which he promptly did to the great discomfort of Sonko. To add salt to injury, Ong'oro took a jibe at Sonko asking him to explain why only him and not other senators could mention Shebesh’s name.
An ex-aide of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been bragging that he has the blessings of 'powerful forces' in his endeavors to become the next CEO of the ODM party. The man has been telling his friends and foes that he is not bothered with the panel that the party set up to conduct the recruitment as his godfathers have already promised him the job no matter what.
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