Friday, April 23, 2010


Some Coast MPs have described the Cabinet reshuffle as a chance for William Ruto to sell his bid for president in 2012.

Three MPs speaking differently said Ruto’s transfer from the Ministry of Agriculture to Higher Education was not a demotion.

The lawmakers included the Coast parliamentary group chairman, Ben Gunda (Bahari) Nuhu Nassir (Bura) and Gonzi Rai (Kinango).

Gunda said the move would give Ruto more time to move around in preparation for 2012 General Election. "If it is true Ruto intend to run for president then he would have time to plan his strategy," he said.

Gunda said it was not a demotion for the Eldoret North MP because ministers have equal clout.

He said former President Moi had set the precedent.

Nassir said the reshuffle was normal and said only Ruto could speak against it.

He said the reshuffle from one ministry to another does not amount to demotion. Gonzi said the reshuffle was normal and not a demotion.

He said Ruto’s perks and benefits would not be affected. "In a demotion, that would be affected," he said.

Draft law

Elsewhere, former presidential candidate Nazlin Omar Rajput has accused coalition principals President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga of demoting former Agriculture Minister William Ruto.

Nazlin alleged the top level of the coalition Executive was intimidating those opposed to the Proposed Constitution.

"State machinery is being used against those exercising their democratic rights. I stand by Ruto on this, and I will join him," she said.

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