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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ruto cries in church as he savours Jubilee win

Vice President-Elect William Ruto appreciate church congregation for trusting their leadership
By Allan Kisia
Nairobi, Kenya:  Deputy President-elect William Ruto broke down several times during a thanksgiving church service in Nairobi as faithful sang and danced.
Mr Ruto, who was accompanied by close family members, Information minister Samuel Poghisio and former Turkana Central legislator Ekwe Ethuro, was overcome with emotions at Faith Evangelical Ministries in Karen.

“I have not cried like this for many years. The only time I remember crying like this was when I was a little boy and my mother is here to attest to that. My wife knew me as a strong man because she had never seen me emotional like this,” he stated.
He said God, in a special way, had given the Jubilee coalition victory in the March 4 General Election.
“The same God who gave us victory against all odds will do more exceedingly and abundantly for us. It will be more than the people of Kenya want. God is going to do great things for this country,” said Ruto.
At one point, Ruto was given the microphone to address the congregation but he broke down and was unable to make any statement.
Efforts by his wife Rachael, who was beside him at the dais, to calm him down proved futile as she too got carried away and also wept alongside her husband, as they were both overcome by emotions.
Rev Teresa Wairimu Kinyanjui took the microphone from Ruto and allowed him and the wife to move to the side to regain composure.
Ruto shed tears at his seat, as Wairimu preached and when he was invited to join dancers at the podium and during all prayers.
Grace of God
When he finally composed himself, the Deputy President-elect said he was overwhelmed by the favour and grace of God.
Mr Ruto announced that they are organising an interdenominational thanksgiving service that will be held next weekend.
Wairimu narrated how the President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta called her and asked her to organise the service at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park. She noted that Ruto gave Uhuru her number without informing her in advance.
“I picked the phone and asked who is this calling me. The reply was Uhuru and I said Mr President,” she said. Outside the church was a convoy of vehicles and security officers befitting Ruto’s new status.
When Ruto left the church, bodyguards guided him to a waiting vehicle with an escort police Mercedes Benz at the front.
Three chase cars and two Land Cruisers with GSU officers on board followed.
Throughout the church service, Ruto’s motorcade was heavily guarded by officers. The vehicles were wiped repeatedly to get rid of any dust. Ruto got a new status after the Jubilee coalition was declared winner in last week’s elections.
He was Uhuru’s running mate.
Uhuru won the General Election with over six million votes.
He was followed by Raila Odinga with 5.3 million votes.
The final results meant Uhuru surpassed the 50 per cent-plus 1 vote requirement laid out in the Constitution.
The election saw a record turnout of 84.9 per cent of registered voters.
Kenyans waited for nearly a week for the electoral body to announce the results.
Raila said it is only the Supreme Court that will determine if Uhuru’s election as fourth President of Kenya is legit.
Raila disputed and rejected the declaration of Uhuru as the winner of the elections, citing what he termed as massive irregularities that marred the polling exercise and subsequent tallying.

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  1. after hard fight the winner rejoices and receives medals..but the losers complains ends up in deaf ears e.g.when tyson was defeated by holly field....he decided to feed on holyfield:s ear.but at long last tyson losed up to date disgracefully.No sympathy vote,dont try to twist kenyans brains.lets be diplomatic!!!!!!


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