Thursday, May 31, 2012

It’s time for politics of ideologies – PM

PM and ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga opening new offices for the party on Wednesday/ CAPITAL FM NEWS
NAIROBI, Kenya, May 30 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has urged politicians to practice politics of inclusion as the country heads towards the general elections.
He said that Kenyans had no choice but to unite as they make the biggest choice for a generation in the forthcoming polls and also as they tackle challenges facing the country.
“It is the time for Kenyans to unite.., it is the time for politics to be about what parties and their leaders can and want to do for the country and the people. It is the time for politics of policies and ideologies, not personalities,” he said.
The PM made the remarks on Wednesday when he officially opened Nairobi County Orange Democratic Party (ODM) offices situated in Lavington.
Among the areas the PM observed as still wanting include in the area of economic inclusion, where he said that the making and distribution of wealth equitably is the next battle front.
The premier asserted that although the country got a new constitution, the gains are still on shaky ground and could be reversed unless Kenyans elect leaders who believe in the gains brought by these new set of laws.
“There are politicians who still believe that the constitution should never have come and that the institutions it has come with are a bother that should be frustrated and killed,” he stated.
The party leader said that ODM was committed to playing a critical role in ensuring that most of the dreams and aspirations of Kenyans are realised.
He exuded confidence that ODM has a strong team that is certain to clinch victory with a landslide in the coming polls.
He said that party in Nairobi has emerged strong as a united team after Starehe MP Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and Nairobi ODM branch chairman Mayor George Aladwa also the Nairobi Mayor agreed to work together after party polls where they competed against each other.
Elsewhere, Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi insisted that Kenya was not a monarchy where some leaders are entitled to lead and others follow.
Mudavadi said that Kenya is democratic country where the people elect their leaders based on the policies of a candidates.
Speaking during the Western Kenya Secondary School Head Teachers Associations (KESSHA) annual general meeting in Nakuru, Mudavadi said Kenyans should not be brain washed that the presidency is an entitlement of an individual in reference to ODM persistent reference to him as ‘project’.
“Kenya is not a monarch where leadership is a preserve of an individual or a family. Kenya has about over 18 million registered voters making a decision every five years to elect their leaders and it is on that knowledge that I have offered my candidature to the people of Kenya,” he said.
Mudavadi said his decision to seek the presidency was made after wide consultations and cannot be stopped and urged the Kenyans and the residents of Western to rally behind him.
The DPM noted that the residents of Western are now tired of the number two slot after having several vice-presidents.
“Some of the MPs from western mudslinging me were at the forefront of urging me stand. Now they are scared stiff of taking risk. Who is the coward now? May I tell them hypocrisy and sycophancy is the well cowards drink from,” he countered.
Referring to claims he made a mistake leaving ODM, Mudavadi likened the MPs to psychotic mourners who mourn more than the bereaved then ask the bereaved family for favours: “Haven’t you seen how much I have mourned? Is there no food in this home?” posed Mudavadi.
Former Trade minister Mukhisa Kituyi who accompanied the DPM urged Kenyans to look at the leader who can capture the mood of the nation, blend youthfulness and experience, send message of reconciliation, heal the nation and stabilize the country.

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