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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Habits men hate about women

There are those little things the fairer sex do - knowingly or unknowingly - that annoy men to the bone. ALLAN OLINGO unveils them
There are some things women do thinking that it impresses their man yet it is a great put-off.
It ranges from the way she dresses and talks. Some go overboard it drives men to the brink of insanity.
I went out on a mission and unearthed things that women do or say that men hate with a passion.
‘Men are dogs’
It is a fallacy to assume that all men are dogs just because your man cheated on you. Just because you got unlucky with the men you have dated doesn’t mean all the rest are serial players.
Men hate it when a woman assumes that all of them are players.
There are a lot of good gentlemen out there and labelling them all as dogs is unfair and annoying.
Exposed cleavage
A little cleavage exposure is allowed. But too much is a put off to men. If you want a decent guy who will treat you right, then don’t dress provocatively.
It will make him think that you don’t respect yourself. A good bosom is a plus but men would not want to date a woman who shows it all.
The puff girls
Just like the cartoon Power Puff Girls, these are women who operate in a group — they are always together in the bathroom, at social joints and even in church.
They always have the same sense of style, humour and laughter. This grouping is annoying to men as it shows that a woman is not independent-minded.
Fake hair/weaves
Weaves are not bad but some women wear them for so long they look ugly. Others buy cheap ones that compromises their looks.
Some men cannot stand anything fake in a woman and the hair tops this list. It’s better to be bald than have some cheap plastic weave. It is downright annoying.
Back stabbing
Some women are almost synonymous with this habit. Most women love complaining about almost everyone and everything in their lives. It is annoying and men hate it.
Copying fashion blindly
Be it hair, dressing or even a walking style, women are known to flow with it. It is not surprising to see women walking in the streets with leggings and a T-shirt in the name of fashion. This look may be trendy on other women, but not on you.
With the empowerment of the girl-child, the woman is now so empowered it hurts. Thanks to that boost, women are now the ones calling the shots in almost all spheres of life. Empowered as you may be, do not bore him with such talk, he hates it.
Fake designer handbags
Kenyan women have a fascination with designer handbags, but this does not mean that you carry a Guchi and fool us it’s a Gucci. Most men would rather you carry a simple affordable design, than pretending with a fake Gucci handbag from China. It is an eye sore.
Too much make-up
Make-up is good, but it should be applied in moderation and expertise. When make-up is overdone, it ceases to be beautiful.
Some women insist on overdoing it thinking they look fabulous.
It is better not to apply anything at all than apply too much and end up looking trashy.
Natural is always beautiful.
The Know-it-all
Smart is sexy but a know-it-all is one annoying woman. You start up a conversation with her and she picks it and dominates it.
She thinks she knows everything from football to cars and wants a standing ovation for invading a man’s territory of knowledge.
Talking too much
If you are on a date with a guy and your phone keeps ringing, it makes the man feel uneasy. By calling you for a date, the guy was hoping to get some quality time with you.
So when the phone keeps ringing it interrupts precious moments and that is annoying to a man. It makes it even worse when you divulge details of the conversation to the man. Probably it’s some loser pestering you. This is a turn-off to most men.
Wash and wear
We all have a favourite outfit but showing up in several dates in the same stunning outfit is annoying.
That outfit may be gorgeous but give it a break. Men love to see variety. You will definitely get his attention in this stunning favourite outfit, but not for long.
Criticising other women
Men find it difficult to understand why women can’t make a simple compliment toward another woman.
If someone’s dressing or hairstyle is impressive, give it a thumbs-up. Nitpicking on it makes you uncool and men hate it.
Obsession with inspirational books
Most women have perfected the habit of reading self-help books like their life depends on it. Walk into a matatu, a social joint and a wedding and you will find some women glued to the latest Joel Osteen book.
Majority attach some self-importance in them and men find this irritating.
The class attitude
On the first day you meet her, she oozes with class. From her orders to her talk, everything is big and expensive but weeks down the line, she starts borrowing ‘small money’ in concurrent frequencies. It is not only annoying but degrading. Be yourself.
Sex as a weapon
In an effort to show their superiority or win over an argument, some women will use men’s weak spot— sex — to their advantage.
Yes, women are emotional creatures but crying over anything from a broken nail, to a sad movie or when the dress is spoilt, is simply annoying.
Some men do not even know what to do with a crying woman. Men are sensitive too, but they are poor at comforting.

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