Friday, April 29, 2011

Wambui guards withdrawn

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Share/Save/Bookmark Bodyguards assigned to political activist Mary Wambui have reportedly been withdrawn.
Wambui has been assigned at least four personal bodyguards since 2002 when she first came into the public limelight.
She has also had guards at her homes in Lavington and Othaya as well driving in convoys with security.
Her security detail was withdrawn last Friday soon after the Star revealed that she had referred to herself as "Her Excellency Mary Wambui" when signing the condolence book at the funeral service of an Othaya councillor last week.
She signed the condolence book on April 16 at the home of the Karima ward councillor Patrick Kahiko Mugo.
"It is God who gives and has taken you away. We loved you so much but God has taken you to his eternal peace. Rest in peace," Wambui wrote in the guest book.
"Her Excellency" or "His Excellency" is the title used by ambassadors, heads of state and their spouses.
Speaking during the burial of Kahiko who died on April 13, local leaders said it was time Wambui declared her interest in the post of women's representative in the Nyeri County.
At the weekend, officers from the National Security Intelligence Service reportedly went to Kahiko's home and retrieved the condolence book where Wambui had signed herself as "Her Excellency".
They also went to the Kagumo Secondary School and the Nyeri County Council Officies where she had signed the visitors' book. The condolence book was returned yesterday with the page bearing her signature missing.
After the Star broke the story on Friday, Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua issued a statement saying, "The Government is concerned that impostors have been misleading the public that they work or are affiliated to the Government of Kenya."
"In particular, the Government is concerned that some people have been using the term Her Excellency and fake names meant to attribute unto them state powers that they are not entitled to."
 Mutua said the Government wished to make it clear that the titles "His Excellency" and "Her Excellency" are reserved only for the President and First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, or for envoys in Kenya.
"The person shown in the Star newspaper referring to herself as Her Excellency has no entitlement of the same and the use of that term should be viewed as dubious and dismissed by all," Mutua said.
"The Government is going to ensure that impostors and con people who purport to represent different facets of Government are revealed so that wananchi are not misled."
Security sources said yesterday that Wambui's guards were withdrawn and re-deployed to regular duties within the Recce Unit, the Administration Police and other units from where they had been assigned.
However they said that Wambui could hire police guards at her own expense if she wished.
Wambui is a prosperous businesswoman and longtime political activist in Nyeri.
This is the second time in three months that security personnel assigned to Wambui have been withdrawn, the sources said.
In January two bodyguards were withdrawn after she was named in connection with the Artur Brothers by the joint parliamentary committees on National Security and Legal Affairs which investigated the controversial sojourn in Kenya of the two Armenian men.
Wambui apparently retained another four bodyguards.
Wambui's personal bodyguards appear likely to have been withdrawn temporarily until the "Her Excellency" fuss dies down, according to the sources.
Wambui reportedly left for a sudden trip abroad last Friday, probably to the UK, even though she had been expected in Mombasa for the Easter holidays.
A politician from the Coast who had already made arrangements for her stay was told that she had cancelled and travelled abroad.
Senior security officials at the Ministry of Internal Security yesterday confirmed the withdrawal of Wambui's bodyguards but refused to comment further.
A senior policeman knowledgeable about deployment of security for VIPs said Wambui's reference to herself as "Her Excellency" had  embarrassed senior officials and members of the First Family.
Sources at State House said some officials had even demanded that she be arrested.
“It is true the bodyguards were recalled, but the same guards are not officially assigned to her (Wambui) anyway,” said the officer.


  1. Can state house tell us who this Wambui is?,if at all they dont know her then whats wrong with her calling her self {excellency}.Mutua could you tell the country why the bodyguards were assigned to her in the first place?.Brother Mutua,your job is the worst in this country.Why do you have to be told to lie all the time,does these lies bother you at times?.Kenyans know who Wambui is so need of lies all the time.

  2. Everyone knows who wambui is. Everyone.