Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Kenyan Comedians to Perform in Stockholm

Written By:Irene Muchuma/KSB , Posted: Tue, Aug 31, 2010

Caption: The Comedians are known for their performance at the Vioja Mahakamani show featured on KBC

Two of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation comedians have won a trip to Sweden to represent Africa in this year's Stockholm International Comedy Festival between 2nd and 4th September.

Mr. Peter Sangale, popularly known as 'Olexander Josphat' and Mr. Matayo Keya Msagani aka 'Makokha' of Vioja Mahakamani programme will join 98 other comedians from around the world.

The comedians left for Sweden Tuesday morning aboard a Kenya airways flight which agreed to upgrade their tickets from economy to business class as an honor for the two who are the only ones representing Africa in the event.

On 2nd September the two comedians will work with Dustin Chafin from the United States and André Jerman from Norway on the same evening at Norra Brunn at 21.00 hrs.

On 3rd September, the Kenyans will work with Babben and Shazia Mirza from the United Kingdom at 22.00 hrs at Södra teatern.

On 4th September, the Kenyans will work with Dustin Chafin, Ismo Leikola from Finland, Ruperto Vanderpo (USA) and Colin Kane (USA) at Södra teatern.

The following is the specific schedule of the performances:

Södra Teatern 2nd Sept at 19.00

Norra Brunn 2nd Sept at 21.00

Södra Teatern 3rd Sept at 22.00

Södra Teatern 4th Sept at 18.00

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