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Monday, July 19, 2010

Police criticise release of arrested boss

A section of security officers have protested at the release of a senior colleague arrested ferrying illegal immigrants into the country.

Junior officers arrested an Assistant Police Commissioner at the Tana River Bridge in Garissa on Saturday night while allegedly smuggling three Somali nationals into the country.

He was reportedly using his official vehicle. Discontent greeted his release and officers, who sought anonymity, said police checks meant nothing if those smuggling foreigners were left to go Scot free.

Hawk-eyed officer

"Several junior police officers have been arrested here while smuggling foreigners and they have lost their jobs and been prosecuted. What is the need of police checks if our bosses’ misdeeds are to lerated?" an officer posed.

North Eastern Provincial Police Boss Abdul Mzee confirmed the arrests, adding that investigation would be launched.

The officer had been waved on by his saluting juniors when a hawk eyed Administration Police officer blocked the road with spikes. A commotion ensued, but the AP stood his ground leading to the arrests.

Police have heightened a crackdown on foreigners following the twin suicide blasts in Uganda that left more than 70 people dead.

About 200 foreigners have been arrested in under a month, some ferried to their destinations in ingenious but inhumane ways.

Smuggling of foreigners into the country is a lucrative business with one man said to earn Sh50,000 or more in a day. Government, non-governmental and diplomatic vehicles fetch even higher amounts because they are rarely searched.

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  1. What news will I be getting from you if you are copying and pasting news from papers back home? I read this 13 hrs ago.


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